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Life Stages

Life is full of challenges, but you don't have to face them alone.

As your guide, I'm here to help you navigate through any stage of life.

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Child Life Stages
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Baby & Child Blessing
End Of Life Support
Student Support
Custom Marriages

Life Stages

Each and every stage of life comes with its unique challenges. I am here to help guide you through wherever you are at. In a stage of life you don't see listed? Please reach out and let's chat about it!

Baby & Child Blessing | Naming Ceremony

The welcoming in of a baby is one of the most profound and beautiful experiences in life, and I love being there to honor and celebrate the occasion. As a non-denominational minister since 2008, I have blessed newborns up through 8 year olds. Sometimes when a traditional “christening” just doesn’t fit, a naming ceremony or blessing is perfect. It can be formal or casual, and anyone you care to invite can be present. We will meet or talk over the phone to get to know each other, and I’ll love to hear about your child’s birth experience and what you dream of for this special day. I’ll then send you a “program” of sorts framing the day and details, and you can edit it and send it back. We can do this until it’s just right for you. It is ancient tradition to honor the newest one in the family and the giving of their name, such an important aspect of their energy and who they are. I am open to any type of venue, including destination and outdoors in nature.


Student Support

I love working with young people! I love to help them learn tools and techniques to release outside pressures and stress, and really live in to the fullness of who they are. Sometimes they just need a safe and sacred space to be able to talk about school or friends freely where they know no one will judge or gossip. To be heard. And sometimes even the most loving parents can’t be that person… they need more distance from it. It’s as if they leave those feelings and that energy with me, and then they can go home feeling more free. It doesn’t go with them. I work with students with many of the same tools you’ll find on my Energy Session Page LINK TO THAT and with consideration of their unique personality, maturity level, and perspective. Some things young people have found relief from in the past include: Stress Reduction (with leading edge breathing techniques among other tools) Lack of Clarity Anxiety And we embellish School Skills when needed, personalized with consideration of their Human Design and other aspects as they are inclined.


Custom Marriages

For couples who either don’t have a religion or church home, or would like to have a destination/beach/mountain wedding, this is one of my favorite things to do. I have been a non-denominational minister since 2008 and truly love creating weddings that are just right for the bride and groom. I’ll meet with you informally over coffee or at a special place you love, and we get to know each other. I will gather not only your information for the details of the ceremony, but also the story of how you met, your hopes and dreams, the feel of how you want your special day to be, and then create your custom wedding. I’ll email my first draft to you and you can make edits and send it back - we’ll do that as many times as it takes for it to feel perfect for you. Custom weddings I’ve officiated have included: Dogs as attendants Children from previous relationships Singing crystal bowl to clear the rings People zooming in from remote locations Sand art and candle lighting as a family togetherness rituals Poetry readings by attendants or family. And have been in locations such as: The Poconos, Delaware Beaches, Home weddings, Venues special to the couples. The beauty of the custom wedding is that it’s yours. Whatever makes your hearts happy. And I hike! And travel well!


End of Life Support

Do you want support for yourself or a loved one to make the transition out of this life more gentle and loving? Because of my comfort with the process of dying, and my belief that we are making a transition just like many other parts of life, I offer energy work and visualization to aid in the last stages of life, including the actual transition. Volunteering at Hospice and experiences with loved ones in my own life have given me the opportunity and the honor of witnessing and supporting this process and to be a loving presence for the one passing and those who might be present or affected by their leaving this physical body. Sometimes it’s helpful to have someone who can facilitate the “life review” that is so important, where people can feel free to talk about their shared history and laugh and cry. It can be important to have someone who is comfortable hearing people’s feelings about dying or their loved one’s dying. It’s also important to be able to read the room and know when it’s not a good time to talk, but to just be present and hold the space. And for someone who doesn’t have loved ones nearby for whatever reason, it’s nice to have someone who can be there and hold love for the process just for support and company. I can help create or hold whatever atmosphere is best for the individuals involved. I have experienced a variety of wishes and I’m skilled at facilitating whatever is needed in the moment.

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