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Healing Stones

Available Services

Each session is as unique as the person I’m working with.  I tune in to your system’s wisdom and communicate with you what I’m sensing, and what modality is suggested.

Events, Circles & Workshops

Check back here for Events in the greater Wilmington, Delaware area, Tennessee, and Charlotte, NC.  Attend one of mine or host your own. 

Feng Shui,

Room Clearing & Blessing

 I love to clutter clear, Feng Shui, and then offer energetic clearing and blessing for the spaces where people live and work.  You can only be so productive or relaxed in a space that is not clear.

Custom Marriages

For couples who either don’t have a religion or church home, or would like to have a destination/beach/mountain wedding, this is one of my favorite things to do.

Custom Guided Meditation

Looking for help in falling asleep or letting go of the day? I have facilitated hundreds of sessions with the intention to initiate a deeply relaxed state.

End of Life Support

Do you want support for yourself or a loved one to make the transition out of this life more gentle and loving?  I offer energy work and visualization to aid in the last stages of life, including the actual transition. 

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