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Home or Office Clearing & Blessing |Feng Shui | Clutter Clearing

You know how sometimes you just have to tidy up before you can start a project, assignment, or even thinking?  That’s it.  That’s why I love to clutter clear, Feng Shui, and then offer energetic clearing and blessing for the spaces where people live and work.  You can only be so productive or relaxed in a space that is not clear. 



Not at all like shows on TV where people are shamed by their belongings being paraded outside on the lawn, my way of clutter clearing is gentle, efficient, and dare I say even fun! I have no judgment because I deeply believe we’re all do

ing the best we can, and there are REASONS people hold on to things.  So I ask leading questions, and sometimes just a simple “keep it or pitch it” where you don’t have to explain why, and before you know it, I’m leaving with trash, recycle, and give away, and leaving you with a clean, clear space. I even like to vacuum when we’re finished! 


If you’re overwhelmed by the task, or just want some gentle nudging, let’s do it.  I will NEVER ask you to let go of something before you’re ready, and I will support you in it when you are. 

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