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Healing Sessions  

Each session is as unique as the person I’m working with.  After we talk a bit and get acquainted, if you’re comfortable, you’ll lie on the table, fully dressed, and I’ll tune in to your system’s wisdom and communicate with you what I’m sensing, and what modality is suggested.  Only with your permission, we move forward.  You don’t have to have experience with any of these tools, and you don’t need to choose from this list.  Your system will let me know in the moment. 

Possible options include, but are not limited to:

Anxiety Release

There are a lot of things going on in the world right now that are magical and uplifting, AND there are many that can produce anxiety and worry.  Our bodies hold memories of experiences we’ve had, and sometimes when something is happening in this moment, our body adds the past memories and “amps up” the feelings about it.  We experience this with shallow breathing, tense shoulders and necks, being “clumsy” or having small accidents, not being able to focus or sleep well, and many other effects. These issues are costly in real terms to our mental health, joy, and fulfillment, and it doesn’t have to be this way.   I’m an empath, and I’ll feel this in my own system (it doesn’t hurt me, it informs me and passes quickly) and offer draining, grounding, clearing.  You may feel an immediate relief or it may take several sessions to develop new patterns to replace these conditioned responses.  We don’t pick up these patterns overnight, so it may take some concerted effort together to release them.  But the freedom that comes from doing this work is incredible.

Mothers' Heart Healing

If you are drawn to this, you are already of love and compassion. In an experience with a young woman who had been traumatized, the energy of love and compassion flowed into the room, teaching me that these are the most healing energies in existence. I felt immediately lifted and expanded. In the 15ish years since that happened, and because we need love and compassion more than ever in ourselves and in the world, hundreds of people have been attuned with this Mother’s Heart Healing energy and can soothe themselves with it, and offer it to others. It is especially healing for folks who have trauma related to their own mother or from mothering others. It expands your capacity to hold love and compassion, and makes it more natural for that to be your first response.

Integrated Imagery

Certified in 3 Levels of Integrate Imagery: Regression Hypnosis through Atlantic University in 2010, and then going back for years to assist with the Masters classes because I loved it so much, I very often incorporate guided imagery in sessions for a variety of reasons. Pre-verbal or childhood experiences in life can have a lasting effect on us, and we can access the energy of these experiences to release the charge of them, relieving you of the current day symptom related to those experiences. We call this the energetic chain of events, and it can be at the root of issues now, through your unconscious mind. When we bring the initial experience forward and discharge the energy of it (the experience is yours and will always be part of your tapestry) it can free you to have a different response in the now. We can also use Integrated Imagery to project forward an energy to something you are trying to create or manifest. It can be a powerful tool for helping to shape your life experiences.


What is toning??? I know, right? About 10 years ago, I started being inclined or guided to tone - or literally sing - ON TO PEOPLE! I wasn’t really sure why, but I followed guidance. A year or so later, a dear friend mentioned that she had read about toning, and how beneficial it is in healing work. What?! I never told her about this weird thing I was doing. I was also really compelled to attend Bobby McFerrin’s (You know, Don’t Worry, Be Happy, but also a classically trained musician whose father was the first black man to sing at the Met!) Circlesinging workshop at Omega Institute. Things fell into place and after knowing about this workshop for 10+ years, I went. It was life altering, and I realized later that I needed to be more comfortable with my own voice. From joining in with about 120 of the most amazing singers from around the world and standing in the middle of the circle, just singing whatever comes from your heart and soul, I could stand with my clients and sing what was guided. I began singing notes that were not in my range, and holding them out way longer than I was previously able to do. Jump forward to current day and now there are scientists studying the impact of musical notes and tones on the human body!

Crystal Layout

Not only hippies and weirdos use crystals! Because different parts of the planet have different energies or feels to them (think about how the beach, the mountains, the desert, or your backyard would all make you feel) the crystals that come from those parts of the Earth have a different frequency emanating from them. Or maybe it’s the other way round. But when we hold a stone or have a layout placed on or around us, our body resonates with that vibration and it affects us. Did you know that lava can clear toxins and energies? Clear quartz are universal healers, and garnet and carnelian are not only beautiful to look at but they can give you creative and productive energy. More than one client (and loved one) have used Fluorite to help focus for tests and clear thinking. I’ve studied and worked with crystals for about 16 years, and love to watch them help.

Cord Cutting

When we interact with people in our lives, we connect with each other energetically - or with what we call energetic cords. Love, joy, celebration, respect… these tend to feed our energy and lift us up. Unconditional love cords can never be cut. Jealousy, resentment, anger, and the like tend to drain our energy and can leave us tired and down without even knowing why. We can release these draining cords so that you have access to all of your energy, and you can learn to keep yourself clear of other people’s cords.

Chakara Balancing

You can think of chakras as the energy centers of the body, similar to the electrical connections in a home. They need to be flowing in the appropriate way for the power to work. Each chakra in the body is responsible for that area’s energy (basic chakras from the root with it’s provision to the crown with it’s connection to all that is) and they need to be tended to and balanced for them to allow your energy to flow properly, and help you function as you’re meant to - to keep YOUR light on.


Reiki is an ancient healing modality that works on the electrical system of the body, and is the natural reason we touch someone when we offer comfort. I have been a Reiki Master since 2002, and incorporate this energy into most of my work and life.

Crystal Healing Bowls | Drummings | Sound Bath

Sound and Vibration affect the human body. It’s why some songs make you want to get up and dance, while others put you to sleep. It’s why we play lullabies when we’re putting babies to bed and play music with a beat when we’re running. I use bowls and drums to either soothe, stimulate, or clear the body. They can facilitate a deep state of relaxation/meditation, or awaken your bones that have felt sedentary and dissociated. It’s amazing how much can be moved and shifted using these instruments. I also offer sound bath circles, so if you and a group of your people are interested in sharing this deep experience together, check out the Circles/Events page here ADD A LINK

Human Design | Integration

I’m a Manifesting Generator, Investigative Martyr and if that means nothing to you, I can’t wait to talk with you about your chart! This is a practice using Astrology, the i’Ching, the Kabbalah, the chakras, and Quantum Physics to better understand our own unique system and how it works most effectively in the world. For me personally and so many clients and loved ones, the understanding of our Human Design has led to such release of judgment about habits and tendencies, and brought movement toward honoring and utilizing natural strengths and attributes. With work to let go of old programming and conditioning from culture and families about how we’re supposed to be, we can live the way we’re actually built to be! There is such freedom in that. Once we understand your system and where you might be holding those old patterns and energies in your body, we can use other tools to help let them go, and provide you with real life tools and skills to be strong in who you are. There’s so much more to it, and if you’re interested, we will cover this when we meet.

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