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Custom Guided Meditations

Would you love help in falling asleep more easily and in a relaxed state?  Letting go of the day? Do you find yourself needing help to wake up and get going for the day with enthusiasm? Would you like a great tool for clearing your energy and keeping yourself autonomous and out of other people’s ick? Or would it be great to have the voice of a trusted friend in your ear on your way to a business meeting, family or other gathering where you need support to stay in your self?

Since my certification in Integrated Imagery:Regression Hypnosis at Atlantic University in 2010, I have facilitated hundreds or thousands of sessions with the intention to initiate the trance (deeply relaxed) state.  I have been told repeatedly that my voice is soothing and relaxing, and that my recordings are powerful and effective.


You can listen to a sample here LINK TO SAMPLE AUDIO

We will have a 30 minute-ish phone conversation where we get to know each other a bit, and you fill me in on what is happening with you that could use some support.  I’ll then create an individualized, custom audio recording and send it to you via Signal or Messenger.  Generally, the length of the audio is not pre-set, but is guided by what your system informs me that you need.  If you have a particular need for a specific length, you can let me know and I’ll do my best to accommodate it.

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  • “Free Audio” on prior menu is a sample of meditation

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