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Journey With Lydia

You send me your favorite photo and

I create the Gift Gif with it!

Give the gift of relaxation and wellness...

With NOTHING to throw out - no plastic gift cards or paper gift certificates. A completely sustainable, Earth friendly way to give someone a loving gift.

A 90 minute individual session is $150.00

You can Zelle me at 484.667.7436 or

Venmo me  @Lydia-Spencer-4

and in the note, specify Custom, Natural, Purple,

Blue & Silver, Red, Gold, Hanukkah,

Balloon or Hare birthday. 

I will text you the Gif, you text it to the recipient, and they show it to me at their session. Easy peasy, and Earth friendy, too!

I'm very happy to insert your personal photo instead of the

"A Gift For You" graphic for any occasion.


1st CLICK ON the Gift Image or send me your own













A session with the Divine Feminine,

Mother Earth energies or a

Vibrational Healing Session...

the perfect way to say

   I love you, and I care.  


All other gift gifs will be custom designed when ordered.


Please Contact me at

Lydia@JourneyWithLydia.com or 484.667.7436

to request Gift Gifs for

Feng Shui,

Clutter Clearing, or a Ceremony.