Journey with Lydia: Healing in the Light

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For 25 years Lydia tried to chronicle her journey after surviving years of emotional and sexual abuse.

As she struggled to give voice to her story, a new voice began to speak through her, giving her story power and messages of healing for herself and all those who would read about her journey.

This book tells the story of trauma and healing told through the voice of Mother Teresa. With compassion and love, Journey with Lydia, offers a message of hope, healing and survival, for all those who have been abused and seek a spiritual answer to their pain and all those who seek to give voice to their story.

Victim or Victor?

This is the most important question any survivor of abuse and trauma can ask themselves. 

And when an abuse survivor can find the spiritual gifts in healing, they permanently change their life story and emerge as Spiritual Victors, free from their bondage to the past.

Free to live an unlimited life, the way their soul intended.

I feel compelled to share a special book, Journey with Lydia by Lydia Spencer, that has come across my path – a book that is destined to transform how you think about yourself, your stories and help you live the life you envision for yourself. 

  • Journey with Lydia was born of an intention to share the spiritual journey of a woman recovering from a childhood of abuse and trauma.  This is Lydia’s personal story and journey that she shares with the intention of giving voice to those who have walked this same path.
  • This is not a book about blame or even a “psychological” book.  This is the story of a deeply personal journey that reveals a woman’s triumph over her painful history. 
  • In Journey with Lydia, Lydia reveals the deeper lessons of her recovery and supports the reader in finding the blessings in all of life’s experiences, even the ones that seem to defy comprehension initially.  (It took Lydia over 25 years to write this book.)

Lydia opens a pathway to healing our own grief and trauma.  More importantly, she shows us that our challenges are not problems to be fixed, but a doorway into our own unique contribution to global change.

Reviews of Journey with Lydia

“Speaking out as an abuse survivor is one of the most vulnerable, yet powerful things that can happen on the path to healing.  In this book, Lydia Spencer finds her voice and shares the deeper spiritual meaning of her abuse and her recovery.  This book gives abuse survivors insight and a compassionate viewpoint to help them answer the ever-elusive question of “Why me?”  A must-read for anyone looking for deeper insights into their own story of abuse and survival.”

Alicia Brand, MA, LP and a contributor to the “Transformation” series

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